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Unfaithfulness in marriage don’t just happen. There is a test if faithfulness and in any test the best you can do is to pass the test.

What are those circumstances in life that test faithfulness.

  • Sickness can drain the non sick spouse emotionally, psychological, financially, spiritually and otherwise. I know of a single sister who was diagnosed of some kind of infirmity. A very close childhood friend met her after years of missing contact and ask her why she was still single. She answered and said she been sick for such a long time and is the type of sickness that eat up all monies if not for the financial support from her organization. That if she was married the husband would have ran away for medical cost alone. Many have left their loved ones because of medical cost, or they don’t know how to take care of the sick spouse.
  • Childlessness – This has been a very serious problem and test even in Bible days. Very few pass this test. But my prayer for you reading this piece you shall not fail in Jesus name. The failure of this test of faithfulness comes at a cost. Remember God’s promises never fails. He promised that none shall be barren in the land including that spouse of yours. Giving in to family pressure especially grand parents who wants grand kids. Many have fallen shot of this by going off with other persons not their spouse to have babies. They even come back to point finger, is your fault syndrome.
  • Sudden prosperity is a true test of faithfulness in marriage. Many spouse have what I will call humble beginning. Some is living from pay check to pay check, then suddenly; there is this wind fall and the financial status change. This is when the man wakes up and say the woman is not fashionable enough and wants to ditch her or she is not sociable enough to fit into his social class. He will hanging out with the wrong circle, keeping late nights, holding unending board meetings and travelling for business meeting becomes the order of the day. Sudden wealth is a problem that is why David prayed saying, God should give him a balance. Wealth that will not make him forget God or the lack of wealth that he will be mocked at as if his God is not alive to change his story. This should be the prayer of any honest spouse.

My counsel is pass the test and remember how it all started with nothing and getting to where you are now. Remember who encouraged you, stood by you and remain faithful till the end. Above all God is too faithful to let you down, be patient with your process and pass your test. Are you confronted with a sick spouse there is a way out for it end in praise. Are you childless now, there is a way out for none shall be barren in the land including you reading this blog. For more on how we can help you just sign-up by clicking the link


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