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Freedom is defined as the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants. Freedom is to be free. Freedom is do as you want. But the snag is when you do as you want without checks and balances there are consequences of our actions. The result if negative can be devastating and if positive can be joyous and others can join in the joy.

Freedom is deliverance. A delivered man or woman or young adult knows that there are rudiments for maintaining your deliverance.

The bible says for he that the son has set free is free indeed John 8:36. But many have handed out their freedom without them knowing. You must live your life with the consciousness that freedom is not free except if that freedom is in Christ.

To dig deep into this subject matter, I will tell us the story of 2 good friends. They both were born on the same day from different parents but grew to be so closed. They practically do everything together except for the fact that they are not family but friends. They both have a good home training but one lives on the high way of life while the other still keep it together.

After some years they graduated from university. The one on the high way of life had a very poor result and the good girl who kept it all together has an excellent result. They have to part ways to live out their future. But freedom that the one on the high way of life choose began to play itself. She has slept with every available big boy in town weather married or bachelor, she lost her virginity while still in university. She has had countless abortions. To keep up with the lie she has niched for herself, her poor result cannot get the quality of job she wants. She had to forged her result to get a good job. Along the way she met a handsome young executive, who was interested in marrying her. He married her only to find out through a medical report that she has lost her womb during the course of one of her numerous abortions. He had to return her back home to her parents because she cannot bear him a kids for life.

Do you now see why freedom is not free after all? She wants to be free to fly and live and do as she please. Bur she realize that she was free but that freedom has cost her: –

  1. Job – because they found out she forged her result.
  2. Her virginity
  3. Her child bearing because she can never give birth except a miracle
  4. Her honor
  5. Her relationship with her parents because when they found out the truth, they were so disappointed
  6. Her marriage
  7. Her salvation but because God is a merciful God, he forgave her for she cried for mercy.

While the friend on the other side decided to keep it together and ended well with a: –

  1. A flourishing career
  2. Successful marriage
  3. Kids who look up to her
  4. Her relationship with God intact.

My counsel is do not seek for freedom that in not enshrine in God. What you stand to lose is far greater than what you stand to gain. Remember freedom is not free if is not Christ type of freedom. To learn more join my coaching for a time of your life

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