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Love is patient, love does not keep records of wrong doings, love conquers all odds, love does not pretend and God is love. If you love someone especially in the institution of marriage there is no need to pretend about it, life is too short to pretend the person might die.

There was a couple who have been married for years, they had children and even their kids are all married with their own families. Still, this aged couples still live-in pretense. I stand to be corrected but divorce is not the solution to any unsettled marital problems but rather it kills the beauty of love.

The man loves the wife so much that he gives up his favorite food, games, shows just to make sure his wife’s joy is full. The wife sees the show of love from the husband as a lack of understanding of who she is and what she needs. She sees him as a control freak who wants to think for her, and do everything for her.

So, for this the wife wants out but for the kids they both hang on, knowing that the effect of divorce can be devastating on the children. Little did they know they were going to hang on for so long. But this was where the mistake comes in, they should open up to each and COMMUNICATE. Communication is the fuel of any relationship, do not assume your spouse or imagine them at all.

When you communicate hidden truths comes out and you have a better understanding of each again. I spoke to a couple very recently and the husband said what he knew now if he had known them 10 years ago life would have been better than it is, why. He works and fend for his family but he left the accounting in the hands of his wife, things are accounted for in the family more than it used to be in the past.

Another couple spoke with me and said due to the fact they communicate regularly, they found out a key point that keeps them going as if they got married few hours ago. That in marriage one person must be a fool and the other wise. Which means they must compliment each other in words and in thoughts. If one is hot, they other must be cold, one must learn to lend the hand of the opposite of what the other is going through, that is wisdom.

At the end of the day the aged couple wanted out but deep in their hearts they still love each other and pretending to hold unto principles that rob them of LOVE. By the time they both realized that the pretense must end the man called and had a heart attack and died in the process. The wife heard of his death and went to his apartment to clean up and discovered deep secrets to prove that her husband loves her dearly, but is too late; he is dead.

My counsel is loving your spouse to the fullest even though it is not convenient at all, communicate and let it out and let life continue. Divorce is not an option for God hates it Malachi 2:16.

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