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Self Validation In Marriage

Self validation is of utmost importance in life, in relationship, home, marriage and work place. Your thought might not be right at all times but its important that you accept what is and change what is not. Your worthiness in whatever or where ever you find yourself is very important. Remember the number of your friends, or your social status or followers on social media does not validate who you are. It is only a distraction of your lack of validating yourself in the first place.

Many suffer in silence in marriages and increase the pain and when it becomes unbearable then there is a crack in the wall. What are these pain?

  • She is not a trophy wife- many families tend to tell their son, brother or uncle, that wife of yours is not good enough. You cannot present her or she cannot even fit in with your type of friends. If you are the lady weep not, do not let anyone put you under the wheel. Rather self validate yourself, what they are saying in what area can you change. Immediately you begin to work on yourself.


  • You are suffering from mental health but you are expected to hold it together anytime and every where. Live to please yourself and your God, then your family which includes your husband or kids if there is any. You cannot be on pills to always keep it together. Rather self validate yourself by seeking for help when necessary if not you will be another statistics of insane persons.


  • Self validate those in your circle. Is not everyone in your circle that is good for you. Some are toxic and some are good. Remember in every circle there are those haters that cannot help themselves. Either you choose to keep them far away or cut ties with them. You cannot last when you are the object of ridicule always, nothing good comes out of you. No


  • Self validate whose approval you need in your marriage. If your husband and kids validate your love in your family, less of the eternal intrusion from families members who are only there to stir up troubles even though it does not exist.


  • Self validation is accepting your own internal experience, your thoughts and your feelings and put them to positive use for the growth of your marriage or relationship. Your thoughts and feelings may not be justified at all times but my advice/ counsel is take the positive and allow yourself to flow and delete the negative or work on yourself for healthy you in your marriage or relationship.

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