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Marriage is a union between a man and a woman with God in the middle. Marriage is a relationship of growing interdependence between a man and a woman.

Haven’t established what marriage is many in this generation are marrying for all the wrong reasons. What are the reasons?

  • Do not marry because you are lonely. Bear in mind marriage is not a cure to loneliness. You must first find your happiness in singleness of mind with your God. If you marry out of loneliness despite your spouse in your life the void will not be filled.
  • Do not marry for beauty / handsomeness. The day the beauty fades or handsomeness fades the marriage breaks down. Do not ever marry anyone because of outward beauty rather the beauty of their heart.
  • Do not marry that woman or woman because of money. The bible says, money got wings. When the wealth/money fly away, what next? That is the reason why many forever till death do us part has become an empty word without meaning.
  • Do not marry to keep a business connection. Many parents are found of this. They marry off their daughters/ sons to their affluent business partners just to keep the business link open. Remember you are not a commodity or a memorandum of understanding. The day the understanding is over it will affect your marriage adversely.
  • Do not marry any man or woman out of pity. Your heart is not in it but you are doing it because you pity the person involved. The day your heart find someone out of love, the pity you have for him/her will die. Then, you begin to cheat on the person because your heart is somewhere else.
  • Do not marry because you feel time is no longer on your side. Desperation most times leads to separation. You get desperate to enter and when you are in and see the reality, you want to be separated. Remember there is a time and a season under the sun. Your season will come.
  • Do not marry because of childhood covenant. Teenagers have covenanted themselves early in life because they entered into such thing. Pray to brake such covenant and free yourselves.

Bear in mind whatever that is done for the wrong reasons can never yield it destined result. We are in such a crisis in the institution of marriage today because of many of these reasons. Are you in a dilemma seek counsel to be on the right path and do the right thing. Join my coaching today if you need help by clicking the link below

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