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As parents, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties the Lord has made us the custodians of the girl child in our homes, families, school, churches and even neighborhoods.

The big question is are we really playing this role to the best of our knowledge? Why did the Bible says train up a child in the way of the Lord and when she/he grows up, they will not depart from it. It is because of the necessity of the topic in question, that failure to train leads to trouble that is bursting in our faces all over the world.

  • To train is to watch over.
  • To know the whereabout of the trainee
  • To check on the trainee
  • To teach the trainee values that are durable for living
  • To instill discipline where necessary to the trainee
  • To protect the trainee against any form of attacks, abuse, violation.
  • To provide for trainee where necessary
  • To make sure the trainee right to education, medical health, shelter is protected

But to the contrary, that is not what is happening now. We have left the girl child at the mercy of predator uncles, husband, friends, men, neighbors, brothers etc.

She has become an object of rape. Husbands have turn their maids, nannies to sex slaves. Uncles buy candy only to rape the little girl or become a sugar daddies exposing her to sexual perversion and falsehood.

The girl child looses her virginity because of this disease that has engulfed our society. Their friends are even used as an object to lure them to be raped.


Just last week a girl in university has lost her virginity early in life because she was entangled with a sugar daddy who dis-virgin her. Her friends always tell her the necessity of remaining a virgin before marriage. She never believed they were still virgins. She connived with 3 other guys during her birthday, when her 3 friends came to her house to give a surprise birthday shout they were raped by the 3 guys that hid in her room. The girl that refused to cooperate was burnt so badly with a hot iron to the point of death.

This is how decayed our society is. The single mum is not left out by the predators. Many have lost their lives in this lockdown in many countries.

Join me as we rise to the task of saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, we say NO to RAPE and ABUSE.

Are you in an abusive relationship, are you been used as a sex object. Is your life in danger, please this is why we are here. Contact us as we guide you through this by clicking on the link or go to our contact page email us or call us.

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