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A total woman is a christian. She is a child of God, who prays, read the scripture daily and always. Who interact with God and God’s business like fellowshiping with her brethren.

A total woman is a hard worker who puts her best to gain good result in whatever she do.

A total woman is a sex partner to her spouse. Always ready to meet the sex needs of her husband. Remember sex in marriage is your God given duty. If you are in the habit of denying him then, you are not yet a total woman.

A total woman is a mother, who is loving, caring, patient at all times and with all things. Who is a helper, helping with the needs of her family.

A total woman is a homemaker, who makes the home tidy for her spouse and kids if they have not, not just her visitors. A home is where your spouse comes back to after the heat of the day. So if you fail to make the home, there is no home for him to come back to you.

A total woman is a cook. Who cooks healthy meals for her family not take aways. Cooks and serve her spouse no matter how odd the timing of the spouse is.

A total woman is a good hostess, who is very hospitable, always happy. Who is cheerful and friendly and befriend your spouse friends for the good health of your home.

A total woman is a Phillipian 4:13 woman whose strength is in God always.

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