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Faithfulness is a great requirement in every marriage. It is the cornerstone of a man /woman’s character.

Faithfulness is the ability to be

  • Trusted.
  • Loyal.
  • Faithfulness is a commitment.
  • Is the act of been reliable.
  • Faithfulness is a devotion.
  • Is an act of dependability.
  • Is to be trustworthy.
  • Is to be truthful.


It is until you are tried and you pass the test that you can be able to testify. In every journey test and trials are inevitable. These are norms to pass through and when you stand you come out stronger than you began. What are they.

  • Impotence – Is both a medical and spiritual condition. I say spiritual because many have received healing and today they can make babies. The test of impotency can break any marriage if not manage properly. The men have ended marrying second wives which they never bargain in life. Many women have worked out of their marriages, some remain and others persons are making babies for the husband. The worst part is they have even kept it a secret.
  • Joblessness – This causes disrespect from the working partner. Disrespect from family and friends, because the man cannot meet up with family obligations. There are cases where it affects the woman also if she is the one at the receiving end.
  • Childbirth – Some men have the tendency to pull away from their wife during this period and seek for companionship elsewhere. So the woman concern must know how to balance the equation at this time. The men also must show some understanding at this time because is a period that changes the life of a family dramatically.
  • childlessness – This the most fundamental one that makes marriages hit the rocks. That is why you must discussed the need of the man even before going into marriage. Is he someone that needs babies and how soon does he wants babies after the marriage. Then if there be delay, then you can medically or spiritually work through the journey without allowing it to affect the both of you.
  • Sickness – This is the most trying of all, many people cannot come to terms with the issue of sickness. This also depends on the type of sickness, it has left many stranded managing their spouse and dating someone on the side.
  • Sudden Riches – A couple could have started small and humbly and along the way meet some sudden riches. Many a couple have become arrogant, either the man saying the wife does not befit him again or the woman saying the man is too old school. Both parties looking for other persons to gratify themselves.
  • Old age – A woman grows old faster than the man. A case study where the man is older and the wife is younger, the woman will want gratification from younger men and vice versa.
  • Poverty – I regard poverty as a curse that should be prayed out of someone’s life. A case scenario has made many men to trade their wife for peace meal, and later cannot tolerate the wife and the marriages crack.

Some fancy jobs also can bring test to your marriages, if you don’t apply wisdom it affects the peace and joy of your home. These various test has brought so many wrong persons into our lives. But remember “when you let the wrong people into your life. Things will begin to miss like peace, love, hope, joy and faith.

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