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Lie is to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive one. It is to create a false or misleading impression that hurts one. To lie is a sin and the devil is the father of all liars, to build your marriage in God avoid lies, because it has a way of hurting you or coming back to bite you.

Lies hurt the person who is lied to, and can also hurt the liar too. But you that is lied to must run to avoid been hurt. The person that are lied to suffers if they don’t find out. That is why you must not allow or live a lie. Many marriages in our society are living a lie, that started from the onset; thinking things will change but never changing.


  • I will see you when you see me, while he is out galavanting with another lady.
  • Is just a kiss, is not harmful, even the bible says there should be holy kiss. From kiss, it will lead to sex and when he is full he will try next door. Sex is not love and is not a sign of commitment.
  • What is your intention, well be nice to me and I will be nice to you. Are you a distributor of niceness.
  • O meet my sister in the Lord, O meet my friend, O meet my 2nd or 3rd cousin. But within you, you no you are not any of the above., just that he is not proud to showcase the relationship he has with you.
  • I will be ready for commitment after say 3 years. So you will hang around him for 3 years blocking the chances of the rightful person God has ordained for you.
  • After a visit he ask, can I get you a cab, because he don’t want to be seen with you. Know that there is another lady.
  • When can I meet your family? He then says, you know as the first son of my family my mum is very concern about who I marry. So wait, you wait forever while they are arranging a lady for him.
  • Can I have some notes there please. You have suddenly become an ATM without any commitment but your money.
  • Take some little alcohol, it will not harm you. Is just ciders, from ordinary ciders you become an alcoholic and he dumps you for non drinker or smoker.
  • He calls you and say, what are you doing now? I want to wash is your response, he says change to video call let me watch you, run while you are still stand.
  • Never discuss the Bible or encourage faith discussion. It shows he is far from God and he cannot bring you close to God if you need him. For you can offer what you have to someone.

What will last a life time cannot be built on lies. For more insight and learn how to delete lies from your relationships click on the link


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