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Communication is very vital in every relationship to make it as effective as it should be. Where this is avoided it causes a lot of aftermath problems that finally leads to the collapse of many marriages.

Some are brought up to talk about anything and everything. While some close up not wanting to talk. So at the stage or level of marriage to relearn the act of talking for some have caused untold problems in many homes.

Below are some of the barriers to talking, know them and overcome them:-

  • I don’t want to disturb his/her peace
  • It is not important
  • I may sound weak
  • I won’t be able to express myself clearly
  • I may be misunderstood
  • I might upset him/her
  • She/he won’t be interested
  • It is too complicated
  • I don’t want to worry him/her
  • She/he might laugh at me
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I have to be strong

Many have bottled up these barriers and their marriages are over. But remember to build intimacy in marriage, it involves hearing each others experiences, thoughts, feelings and desires.

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