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Covid 19 popularly known as coronavirus has come to stay with us, but through prayers it will not affect us in Jesus name.

To many marriages covid 19 has become a naked truth:-

  • Women/men alike have discovered whom they have been married to for years. Some aren’t copping and wanting to exit, while others are using the period to rediscover themselves and reignite the flame. For those who want way out, there is no better spouse out there. Give yourselves the opportunity of reinventing the relationship.
  • Strange men/women (side chicks/gigolos) that have taken over the lives and marriages of many, had all been deleted now due to lock down social distancing.
  • No more lies.
  • No more am held up in traffic.
  • No more, the meeting is running late.
  • No more I have to go and represent my company by travelling out of your station, meanwhile you have planned your trip with the side chick.
  • No more meet my colleague, while she is your mistress.
  • No more open relationship, where you have to date another person and still remain married. Now you are stock with the married one and lock down away from the open one.
  • No more sorry am late to your kids school activities.
  • No more getting home when the kids are sleeping and you leave early the next morning.
  • No more lack of communication, because you cannot sleep all day trying to avoid your spouse.
  • No more reckless spending on side chicks and irrelevant items because every cent counts at the moment.
  • No more avoiding sex/intimacy because you are tired, now tired from what?
  • No more getting angry unnecessarily, will you be angry for life, you will burst of anger and many more.
  • A popular saying , a family that prays together stays together. No more avoiding the prayer altar, because that is the only place we draw our strength from now.

But I want to submit that covid 19 has been a blessing rather than a curse if you are wise. Use this period to stop the lies, stop the excuses. Use this period to rejuvenate spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Use this period to reinvent the flame of your marriage. Use this period to bound even more with your wife/husband and kids if any. Use this period to delete what/who is unnecessary and attach to the valuable things. Finally use this period to become a better you.

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