Culture and marriage

How Can Cultural Views Affect Relationship


Cultural views is one’s opinion of beliefs, it could be religious, social or traditional. These set of belief influences an individuals life and it can be positive or negative affecting everything the person does.

Between Naomi, Orphah and Ruth there was a cultural belief and a difference. Due to this cultural belief Orphah could not continue staying with Naomi after the death of her husband. She had to go back home, but Ruth on the other hand has mastered the cultural difference and understood that positive relationship thrives on understanding what you are up against. Ruth 1:8-14

Cultural Beliefs That Affects Relationship

Communication is a thread that keeps relationship spanning day in and day out. If there be miscommunication, this will hinder the growth of the relationship.

Religion is a key when it comes to beliefs. A Christian going to marry a Muslim and telling yourself he will change or she will change is setting themselves up for failure. The bible says in 2 Cor 6:18 “Be ye not unequally yokes together with unbelievers for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness”? If you are a Christian saying for the sake of love. Love normally rarely survive this. Same with a Muslim, who refers to the Christian as “Kafari” will not accept the relationship.

Learn to express your culture positively for the other person to accept it.

Lastly Food; in some part of Africa goat is use for ancestral sacrifice while some eat it at will. Two of those individuals will have a major cultural conflicts even though there is understanding.


How To Deal With Cultural Issues

Understanding is key and where necessary compromise will be applied, by trying to fit into the both cultures.

Try experiencing it, don’t be told tales. Is like a white individual marrying someone from an African decent. O Africa is terrible, if you go there they will kill you. All these are notions that can be disputed. Try it our first.

It is important to pass on the culture to future generation. Naomi was able to pass it on to Ruth despite the death of her husband and she pass it on to her seed.

Your differences should not be a a barrier that impair on your relationship but a strength. This can be achieve through positive thinking.

In conclusion bear in mind, which either side of the coin you are holding. Culture can be learned, you can share your culture, it can be integrated and is dynamic in nature. But bear in mind it is symbolic, in the case that a compromise will have an adverse effect on the relationship you are building don’t even start in the first place.


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