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It Depends On You!!!!


Your emotions can be your servant or your enemy, it all depends on you. What you do with your emotions can be advantageous to you, your relationships or detrimental to same.

Emotion is a feeling from ones circumstances, mood or relationship with others. You as an individual are in control of what you do with your feelings. If I choose to say something nasty to you, if you don’t feel like saying a word is a choice, but if you want to batter words with me because of the way you feel is also a choice. Many relationship/ families fight every day because one of the couples have decided to feel negatively about the cause of the fight.

Emotion is a reaction: how do you react to your husband, to your children or friends, or other family members. You can choose to react to any prevailing circumstance positively or negatively. Some couple snap at every thing their partner says. Some give a cold shoulder to anything that is within and around them. Some nag their spouse to stupor, while others embrace their spouse be it negative or positive.

Emotion is a warmth: if you are cold towards your partner you are driving such a one to the cold where only wolfs dwell. Many women are guilty of this. They just have a small argument with their partner and they wait for him to come to bed at night. Instead of giving him warmth they become stone cold because of the incident that happened during the day. If you are a wife and doing this you are indirectly sending your husband to strange women out there who will welcome him with warmth into their bed.

The Bible says “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:” Proverbs 23:7. You cannot run away from your emotion, but you can make your emotion to be your servant by not responding to the negative trigger within you. But if allowed it can become your enemy, then you end up being an emotional wreck that has destroyed many homes.

But pray this prayer, you my emotion I DISCONNECT you from evil control by the power in the name of Jesus.

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